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Plantar Wart Surgery

Warts disappear naturally but may take months or even years to disappear. But sometimes the pain or discomfort they are giving us, people just can’t wait that long.

There are different ways to remove plantar warts, to stop the pain and the warts spreading. Here at The Foot & Ankle Experts, we prefer surgical removal of the plantar wart.


The treatment process:


The first step will be injecting local anaesthetic around the wart to numb the pain. Dr Kim has a little trick she uses so you won’t even feel the needle!

Dr Kim will then use chemical acid to destroy the wart.

The remainder of the wart tissue is removed with a curette and/or scalpel.

Depending on the size of the wound, stitches may be required to allow faster healing time.

Post care treatment:

Once surgery is complete, we ask you to wear open-toe shoes for at least one week, but ideally two, for the best results.

3 days after your surgery, we will then have a follow up appointment (Post-Surgery Care) for redressing and a short session with the PBM laser. We have found the best results from patients who follow the combination of these 3 things.
After your first Post-Surgery Care appointment, we do recommend returning 3 days later for another round of Post-Surgery Care, but it is optional.

If you are unable to come back, we do recommend you change the dressing every 3 days, for 2 weeks after your surgery.

2 weeks after your surgery, it is recommended you come back for a review with Dr Kim, if she has not seen you since the surgery.