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Diagnostic Ultrasound

Real time ultrasound can be utilized in our clinic to accurately view your foot or ankle pathology. We use real time ultrasound during our clinical sessions when we activate your foot muscle or ankle muscle to assess its dynamic nature.

Dr Yejeong Kim (Principal Podiatrist) does ultrasound-guided Lyftogt procedure to assist your chronic/acute foot and ankle tendon/muscle/joint pain.

  • Colour Doppler Pedal blood flow check

By using real time ultrasound we can screen your foot and ankle blood flow and refer you to the most suitable medical specialist. If you have any cramps and tightness around your legs after walking for short distance and suffering from rest pain, please visit our clinic for your complimentary pedal blood flow check.

  •  Ultrasound guided injection therapy

The use of real time ultrasound allows Dr Yejeong Kim to provide you with the most accurate injection therapy to solve your foot and ankle pain.