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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I claim with my private health fund?

Yes, you can. All clinicians in our clinic accept private health fund cards. We advise you to double-check if you have the required coverage for your desired service.
If you have the correct coverage, private health insurance claims can be performed directly through the HICAPS terminal available in our clinic. Another option is through your insurer’s online system.

Q. Do I need a referral from my GP to see you?

No. GP’s referral are not required to see any of our clinicians in our clinic.

Q. Do you do bulk billing?

No. We do accept GP Treatment Plans, which can help cover some of the cost of your consultation. They must be made out to “Foot & Ankle Experts Health Clinic” at Shop 2, 2 Harbour RD Hamilton 4007.

Q. How much coverage will my GP Treatment plan give to my consultation fee?

Your GP Treatment Plan will cover $55.10 from the total amount of your appointment fee. The rest will be paid out of pocket.

Q. Do you accept Pensioner/Health Care Concession/Tertiary Student cards?

Yes. If you show us your card before your appointment, we will take 5% off your consultation fee.

Q.  Can I get surgery done during my initial appointment with Dr Kim?

Yes. Dr Kim has extensive experience with a range of different ingrown toenails and wart types.

Q.  How can I best prepare for my ingrown toenail surgery?

Oral antibiotics aren’t essential, but they will ensure that you avoid getting an infection. Please see your GP for a script before your appointment.

Q. What can I expect after ingrown toenail or wart surgery?

Once surgery is complete, we ask you to wear open-toe shoes for at least one week, but ideally two, for the best results. 3 days after your surgery, we will then have a follow up appointment (Post-Surgery Care) for redressing and a short session with the PBM laser. We have found the best results from patients who follow the combination of these 3 things.
After your first Post-Surgery Care appointment, we do recommend returning 3 days later for another round of Post-Surgery Care, but it is optional.
If you are unable to come back, we do recommend you change the dressing every 3 days, for 2 weeks after your surgery.

2 weeks after your surgery, it is recommended you come back for a review with Dr Kim, if she has not seen you since the surgery.

Q.  I am currently on oral antibiotics, can I still have surgery?

Yes, you can.

Q. After prolotherapy, when can I do exercise?

For weight bearing exercises, you must wait 2 weeks before commencing. For non-weight bearing exercise, after 24 hours you can recommence.